Crossing the Event Horizon

Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Crossing the Event Horizon

May | October 2016

Einstein’s revolutionary theories to introduce the hardware platform that revolutionizes IT.

To present HPE Synergy, a hardware platform never-before-seen, we eliminated the distance between space and time, and we brought guests where no one has ever been before: what we call “Beyond the Event Horizon”.


A spectacular event was created to launch in Italy HPE SYNERGY, the most revolutionary hardware platform ever created.
The communication strategy aimed at building a “call to action” for all participants.
The creative concept magnified the main platform features and presented them through the metaphor “event horizon”, the place where space and time disappear.


“HPE Synergy was created to go beyond space and time, passing instantly from idea to value.


“Crossing the Event Horizon”
The campaign had a teaser phase with three videos distributed via email and banners on relevant websites.


Digital campaign with CRM, posts, videos, banners and website.